Educational farm

Exciting rural trips in the province of Perugia

These days, children don't get into contact with nature any more, but thanks to our educational farm there is now a much-needed change in this trend: we organize "active" educational activities held by qualified staff members, with the aim of spreading knowledge about the activities that are carried out on the farm and involve children and adults in the production of a natural products. Bring the whole family to us, even for a short break from the busy city life, we will be happy to let you rediscover nature's way.

Farm animals

The value of the educational farm is not just the contact with nature, but also with animals: children can see how calves graze with their mothers, chianina cows, or even enjoy the escapades of the Arcibaldo donkey, a native breed and also endangered; and don't forget about the pigs, rabbits, ducks and chickens with their young.

Activities in collaboration with local schools

Quercia del Pentimento works with both elementary and high schools, giving students an unforgettable experience.
Starting early, we welcome students and we have breakfast together; After breakfast, we take a moment to explain what we're going to do, showing the entire route and then we set off, showing the barn and farm with the animals; for lunch, you will eat local products.
We accommodate adults and teens: organize your tours with us. We offer packages with lunch or dinner, guided or educational orientated tours, and the possibility to use the pool.
Ample parking for busses.
Organize your trip now!
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